Gluten is evil

We've had a pretty good weekend this weekend (until today). Friday is date night and that same day the Hub got us free tickets to the UT basketball game. (He already swung us some free UT vs Vandy football tickets, so I was feeling like I was in grad school again.) Anyhoo, because Friday there was a Eye Dr appt for the Elder at Children's Hospital (downtown), a stranded Hub (downtown), the game (downtown), and date night dinner (possibly downtown), I decided to have The AP take the kids to the Fort Kid playground (downtown) so there wasn't too much driving back and forth and less vehicles being used. The AP dropped me and The Elder off at the hospital, dropped the car key off at the Hub's office, and then took The Younger to Fort Kid. After the Doc appointment (which went great - no additional vision loss and no more patching!!!), The Hub picked up me and The Elder from the hospital and we dropped off The Elder at the playground so we could go to our date night dinner and the game.

A Beautiful Plan. So, I ask, where are we eating? Chesapeake's - yummy - I was so in the mood for steak and seafood. Extravagant but we hadn't had much fancier than Moe's Grill on Date Night in a while. Then I ask, who are we playing tonight? Oh we aren't going to the game. Wha? Then the typical AS explanation that I didn't give him a "Yes, let's go to the game, I'll rearrange the transportation logistics to specifically accommodate that option" type answer that left NO room for interpretation. However, since I'm not a hard core basketball fan, just enjoy watching it, I wasn't too upset, because hey, we were going to have steak and seafood!! Looking at the clock it was not quite 4pm - is the restaurant even open? What are we going to do for a half hour until it opens? Panic...slight change of plans...yes, those freak out adult aspies too.

Just then.....The Hub did something truly Un-Aspergian......spontaneous......and a major change of plans......"It's early, let's drive to Sevierville." WOW! I really felt young and free now. (I wonder how long he's kept that option in his back pocket for a moment just like this?) We drove through the mountains to the next city over that is known for it's outlet malls. We went to Conner's for steak and seafood, did some shopping for the kids (yes I guess we are still parents), and came back home.

So let me get back on track with the title of this post. At Conner's the waitress brings us some rolls. Boy they look good. And they smelled so yummy. But being the good gluten-free role models we are, we passed and put the plate very far from temptation. (I didn't do so well with the casein free - I had both drawn butter with the crab legs AND got a slice of fudge.)

Then on Saturday, it was the first football game either of us had been to since graduating. (College kids look sooooooooooooooooooo young! geez!) Our former tradition was to get a Touchdown Frank or two because they were amazingly tasty. But seeing that they were no longer in the same packaging (used to be in paper-foil, now they were in non-biodegradable, bird-killing plastic tube bags that we could see floating around in the stadium), we convinced ourselves they wouldn't be as tasty and again exercised restraint and got popcorn.

By Saturday evening and getting stuck in post games traffic, we really wanted to sit and eat and let some traffic subside. So we went to our fave little Thai hole in the wall for sushi and pad thai. Yes we know, the soy sauce has a trace amount of gluten, but that is not what was evil. It was the bowl of fried Wontons that they put in front of us. When did this start?? Thai cuisine was the one place that we didn't feel the temptation!! But the table was small, the service was slow, and the bowl seems to gravitate to our fingers. I literally only had 4-5 and started with small ones. The result? I have slept all day today and have been cranky during the waking moments. I missed church, a baby shower, and the last day of my bible study. And I don't even want to think about putting up the Christmas tree like we planned to do today. Maybe I'll have another cup of coffee to get me through these last hours of the day.....

5 Responses to "Gluten is evil"

Maddy (visit their site)

Such a direct hit! So sorry for you. Hope you're up and doing again in time for Thanksgiving.
Best wishes

tulipmom (visit their site)

You deserve a lot of credit for sticking to the gluten-free diet 99.9% of the time.

I love that you have Date Night every week. We really need to do that; a couple of times a month just isn't enough.

Jen P (visit their site)

It was support at first, now it is necessity! Obviously my body needed the adjustment. There is a new enzyme out there called GlutenEase that I am thinking about taking so that I can splurge every once in a while!

tulipmom, you will definitely want to establish a date night especially once the baby arrives. It is the only night that I feel human sometimes!

GFCF Mommy (visit their site)

I just had to comment because I too have had the occassional "gluten hangover" following "date night."

But the worst happened when we were at a party and I had two pieces of pizza bc I was starving. Oy! I paid for that one for 2 or 3 days.

The Professor and I have learned we really do better being gluten-free too. Celiac runs in my family and though I never thought I was sensitive, I can see now that I am.


Jen P (visit their site)

Katherine, Pizza is the worst! It's like it is made with extra gluten that knocks us out for a week! I have found that I can tolerate croissants though I haven't taken the time to research why yet. I'm still REALLY bad about casein. I can tell my body is sensitive to it (maybe it is the adhd side of me) because when I lay off I feel so much better, but cheese is way too yummy to resist.