The Picasa Album for the Fantasy of Trees is up and I've linked it to the sidebar too. I also had to laugh when I saw this picture. I call it "The Prelude" and I guess I was too busy getting The Elder's legs unwrapped around me to notice that The Younger also had a puddle meltdown. Check out Santa looking at him on the ground, having no idea what to do. I'm sure he has seen his share of probably much worse scenes! Funny that The Hub was able to capture this.

Here is also a video of the ride that the kids both just absolutely loved (for obvious reasons). It went pretty fast. The Younger kept saying he wanted to ride on the School Bus over and over and over again but when it was time, he hopped aboard the Fire Engine. I thought I had been recording from the beginning and was thrilled because The Elder gave the cutest little wave and was excited to get that on film, until I realized that I didn't. However, the Hub and his super camera captured it and it is in the slideshow.

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tulipmom (visit their site)

Thanks for sharing your album from the Fantasy of Trees. Your boys are too cute for words!

Casdok (visit their site)

Looks fab!

Maddy (visit their site)

Oh yes. My lot have individual formal photos at school but as for the group / family photo we have absolutely no chance whatsoever!