The date is set...

The Younger did great yesterday at the orthopedic. The Hub met us there. It was a really big office complex with a lot of people in the waiting room. You could tell that The Younger was overwhelmed at the grandeur because he would not let my hand go. When The Hub came in, I said,"Look who's here!" and he just stared at him. So I said, "Um, it's Daddy." Then his face lit up and he lifted his arms up for him. I hope that isn't an indication that he needs glasses too...

Anyhoo after filling out paperwork and praying they would call his name soon before the 2-story blinds came crashing down on us (why do kids think they need to pull on those strings?), it was finally our turn to go back. He did perfect with the x-ray machine. I guess the time at the pediatrician's office was just a dress rehearsal. Maybe he knew he would get a sticker. Who knows?

No sooner were we back there when I smelled something. "Do you have something in your diaper?" as I'm checking it out. I look at The Hub and say, "Yep, it's a solid one!" The Younger corrects me and says, "No, it's a poo poo."

Well, I was texting The Asst back and forth trying to get a publication mailed out that day so since technically I was working, The Hub volunteered (after I handed him the diaper bag) to change it. He had to ask twice for the bathroom and twice they told him to just change it in the exam room and twice he explained that they were cloth diapers. Our exam room was near a station so I heard everything. The second lady even gave him a plastic bag,

"Can't you just put it in here and throw it in the trash can in there?"
"Well, it would just be the poop."
She looked at him like he had 2 heads. I interject from the doorway,
"He needs a toilet to flush the poop. I don't think the people after us would appreciate us throwing poop in the trash can."

Finally he took The Youngers pants down to show her the diaper. After 5 minutes of requesting a bathroom, she points them in the right direction. Geez!

When they got back I asked The Hub,
"Why are they arguing with us on this?"
"Maybe it's a high security bathroom?"
"I can't imagine it meets sanitary standards for us to throw the poop in the room's trash can." (It was a big trash can - like the size you put by the curb. I guess for trashing larger leg casts?)
"Shoot, maybe I should just take a d*mp here." as The Hub pretends to sit on the trash can and waving to the doctor pretending to say "excuse me, don't mind me, we weren't allow to use the bathroom." Just then the doctor really did walk in and we busted out laughing and the doctor is looking at us like, "did I miss something?"

Anyhoo, enough fun and games. The verdict: Verified that he has congenital trigger thumb, surgery is necessary. They'll have to put him under for the half hour procedure and then put him in a cast past his elbow for 2 weeks. sigh... Fun. The date is set for Feb 15th.

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PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

And the best part is that he'll have a semi-solid weapon attached to his arm for about 2 weeks which will give him an advantage over The Elder when they get into Hand-to-Hand Combat.

tulipmom (visit their site)

Your husband is a riot! Will the procedure be done in a hospital or a surgery center?

Marla (visit their site)

I am glad you guys have a good sense of humor at these times. It helps so much! We used cloth diapers too. I think doctor's offices don't see that too often. I am sorry to hear he needs the surgery. Prayers and hugs for Feb. 15th!

Niksmom (visit their site)

Cracked up about the diaper. The scene you described sounds exactly like something Niksdad would do, too!

Will keep sending out good vibes for sooth, easy surgery and recovery for ALL of you. Cuz', yeah, he will definitely have a weapon on that arm! LOL

Sustenance Scout (visit their site)

VERY funny story, Jen! Sounds like you're off to an interesting start to the New Year. Good luck and lots of hugs for the upcoming surgery. K.

Elissa - Managing Autism (visit their site)

Oh I needed a good laugh - thanks to your hub for that!!!

We'll be sending lots of hugs and prayers your way for the surgery. xx

Anonymous (visit their site)