Tag...You're It!

Little Me is going out of business. (They might already be out of business by now.) We stocked up on the cutest little argyle socks of a variety of colors for the boys and little striped fleece coats. They had racks and racks and racks of footies pajamas that were so cute that I just wanted to buy them all. We are in this trend where we are dressing the boys alike. (Hey it's cute and as long as they let me, I'm going to have fun playing dress up with them since I don't get to have a girl.) And it isn't a total waste of money because The Younger will eventually wear 4T and by that time, The Elder probably won't allow me to dress them alike. On the other hand, a lot of the twinning has been at The Elder's request. Mmmm So much fun!! Too bad I can't put them in pink. Anyhoo....

We didn't buy any because it isn't as fun to get cute PJs for The Younger if you can't get it for The Elder too. I think The Elder gets a little claustrophobic in body suits, especially ones with the enclosed footies. He has refused to wear them since he was 18 months. The Younger will wear them in 80 degree weather. We actually had to hide them last summer because he would pitch a fit to wear them.

On Christmas Eve, The AP was so thoughtful to purchase nice matching Timberland Footies PJs for the boys. The Hub and I looked at each other with this "Thanks, I really really really hope he wears it" kinda look. Since The Elder is the one who has been requesting dressing the same, we took that angle. We put them on The Younger first. He of course loved them. Then I showed them to The Elder...

"Look! Just like brother's!!"
"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" (screaming and running away.)
"Don't you want to dress like brother?"
"I can't like that! It's too scary to me!"
"What is?"
"The Tag"
"Well put them on and I'll tear the tags off."
"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not that."
"Which one then?"
"That one." (with no pointing to give me a hint)
"This one?" (pulling at the inside label)
"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! That one! That one right dere!"
"The tag on the zipper?" (the zipper pull)
"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not that one."

He's totally lost his patience with me at this point. Likewise, I'm running out of tags to point to. I'm beginning to believe that it is an imaginary tag...

"Show me. Point to it. With your finger."
"Dere." (quick flick of the hand - still not helpful)
"Lay your finger on it."
"That one. Dere."

It was the embroidered Timberland Emblem on the left breastside...
Well, there's no cutting that out, so I left the tags on and handed them to The AP apologizing that he wouldn't wear them. She was planning to return them when she got back from New York (she didn't get to see the ball drop - sad).

So while she was gone, The Hub and I tag teamed on Tub Time duty. He had to shower anyway after his run so The Elder showered with him and The Younger got the tub all to himself. When we got to my bathroom to use the hair dryer, The Younger had already picked out his PJs - The Timberland ones! The Elder asked,

"Where's mines?"
"Your PJs?" He nods. "You didn't like them so she's taking them back to the store."
"But I want the same as brother."
"Are you sure?"
"These? With the Tree?"

So I sneaked into The AP's room to look for them. I brought The Younger with me so I didn't feel so guilty snooping around. I had a witness. Ha! Luckily they were in plain site. I brought them to The Elder and ask the same questions.

"Yes, I want to wear dose."
"Ooookayyyy." I say tentatively.
"Um, you need to take dese off." (the tags)
"Put them on first and then I'll take them off."

He complied. I even left the tags on for a while in fear that he would change his mind. Finally I gave in to his request, letting him know how permanent a decision this was. Evidently when I ran to get the PJs, The Hub ran to grab the camera. We both knew this was picture worthy, even if for a few seconds. But he wore them all through the night and even requested to wear them again on New Year's Eve. "Where's my NEW PJs? The ones with the socks?"

I would say, "My baby's growing up," but they are footies pajamas. Nothin' says "baby" like onsies! Look at my babies!

By the way, they carry footies at Target that 5-foot (and shorter) humans can wear. I got a pink one with princess frogs on them! Too cute! And sooooo warm! =o)

5 Responses to "Tag...You're It!"

Elissa - Managing Autism (visit their site)

Sooo cute!!

And they look so lovely and warm!!!

(Glad you made it through the tag dilemma!)

tulipmom (visit their site)

Your boys look awfully cute but I'm afraid I'm still stuck on the whole "Little Me going out of business" part. Are you sure? How can they do this to me?! :)

A Bishops wife (visit their site)

They are soooo cute!

I love those too and I agree with you "Nothing says baby like onesies". You are going to be so glad you took those pictures!

Jen (visit their site)

"Too bad I can't put them in pink."

Who says? We draw the line at lace and frills around here (but now we have Holly, so I can endulge). The favorite jammies by our boys are the ones purchased in the girls' section (shhh! don't tell the boys that!).

And Target now regularly carries nice polos in pink during the spring. And yes, we still buy footies for Ky - in size 8! Both boys will pull them out in the middle of August and INSIST on wearing them!!! My boys are 'nesters'.

Jen P (visit their site)

TM - Find a Little Me quick before it's over!! Get some cheap pink! Ha!

Jen - We got The Elder a Pink Polo about 2 years ago. However he has developed a fear of buttons since then (and outgrown it) so we have passed on buying polos. The Younger is a pink fan so maybe I'll try to put it on him - I'm just afraid it will make the Elder aggressive towards him.