First Day Back to School

Well, the Winter Break is over and The Elder went back to school today. I had to work this morning and had my phone to go off in time for me to meet him at the bus and I just barely made it. It was a nice warm day today so they got to play outside on the playground which always makes for a happy preschooler.

I wrote a note to The Teacher this morning seeing if she could observe him at choir because that starts tomorrow but we are not going yet (plus his best buddy is having a birthday party!). She is going to try to clear it with the school board to see if she can. I tell you something, she is so amazing. It would be so easy for her to say, "No, that is outside of contract hours and it is not a contract school." But she is going to try to get it cleared so she can help him. It is so obvious how much she loves the kids. I'm so lucky that mine is in her classroom.

He got Good marks across the board today which is fantastic considering he hasn't been in school for 2 weeks, but am not surprised I suppose because he has been controlling himself very well lately and he is a huge creature of habit and routine. So am I, I suppose because I have had a very productive 2 days now that we are back in our normal routine. I did change my schedule around a bit to make Monday a work day so that I could start the week off right instead of moping around being sad about what didn't get accomplished over the weekend and taking that out on The Younger by trying to make up time cleaning/organizing/fixing etc and totally neglecting him. Yesterday I had BOTH checking accounts balanced by 10:18am and I hadn't entered a single transaction in about a month (well, ok, 2)! Scary I know, but what an accomplishment (*patting myself on the back*)! So now my One-on-One day with The Younger is on Thursdays and I get to take him to the Library and walk around the greenway at the park by the Library! Bonus...exercise!

Speaking of controlling himself, The Elder did remarkably well today as The Younger was being a total younger sibling nuisance and crawling all over him and completely violating The Elder's personal space.

"You're bahvering me....Quit bahvering, please...I said, GO AWAY, PLEASE."

How polite.

4 Responses to "First Day Back to School"

Marla (visit their site)

So glad to hear you have a wonderful teacher and things are going so well. Good job getting stuff done! Wish I could say the same for myself today. Oh, well! There is tomorrow!

Elissa - Managing Autism (visit their site)

How very polite!!
Glad to hear school went well and that you managed to get so much done - well done to you both!

Susan (visit their site)

I love it! I love it ALL!

Sounds like The Teacher is a blessing.

Kevin (visit their site)