I'm still standing...

You can tell that I think in music. I have a lot of post titles that are songs. Ha!

Anyhoo, we have had a super busy weekend. The Younger has been sick with high fevers since Friday. I started seeing "clingy" signs on Thursday. If he wasn't sleeping, he was screaming. He was actually hilarious yesterday. He was screaming because he was hungry but didn't have an appetite or everything that he requested to eat didn't taste the way he wanted so he would pitch a fit. Finally I got some chips (Tangy Tomato from Flat Earth - yummy) that were pretty flavorful. He was screaming for me to share them with him (they were his). He commanded me to sit down on the floor with him and then literally took my hand and put it in the chips bag. "Share...with...me...mommy!" (said between sobbing)

When we wasn't screaming, he was sleeping. When he was sleeping we were working. I did an interview on Saturday so that got me out of the house YAY! When I was in the house we........ ORGANIZED THE CLOSET!! Now everything is FAR from clean, but it is all so organized that I was excited. And we spend very little money. I told The Hub how proud of myself I was to not be impulsive (ADHD in me?). Usually when I read things like The RB Book I will have grand visions and start working on it right away just to find out that it won't work, I won't like it, I won't do it, or I won't pay for it. But I waited and we actually have very few things to purchse before our masterpiece is complete! The key is that we were very honest with ourselves. Do I put my shoes here ot here....well, will I put them away if they are here? And so forth.

The Elder had a substitute teacher yesterday for part of the day and we got a note home that he had given the subs a hard time. Based on what The Teacher told me last visit, they have parents of former students of the class (all HFA/AS) to sub so that they know what they are doing (about as much as we all know what we are doing though I guess). He got up this morning and said he didn't want to go to school which is very strange. He said his head hurt but he wasn't acting sick so who knows what the true source of his avoidant behavior was because we went to school. It was like, once I finally got his clothes on, he magically wanted to go to school and he finished the routine without a word.

I wanted to post something on Friday to spawn a discussion/opinion poll but forgot so I'm going to make a separate post and maybe it will take the place of Success Sunday that I missed...

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inthenet (visit their site)

Flat Earth Chips?!?! Wow! We must be connected somehow! It's like we could be brother and sist... oh, wait... we are!!!!
I LOVE all of the Flat Earth flavors so far. Anyways, Will has been sick too. He is going back to school today, but Sunday, his fever was getting close to 102. Not too high for younger kids, but as he is getting older, I get a little leery when it hits this mark.

Brian has a knack for getting in trouble whenever there is a sub at school... that is - unless it's his sister who is the sub.

Eager to see you guys!

Susan (visit their site)

You are cluthching the world by the throat and making it yours! I love it.

Rather, I admire the life you are creating for yourself.

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

yeah, yeah, yeah!

Marla (visit their site)

Sorry your kiddo was sick all weekend. hopefully it won't make the rounds to the entire family. Good job with the closet! I love going through and organizing. Feels good when it is done.

Molly (visit their site)

So I have to ask. What's the official title of the RB book? Your post inspired me to google right brain stuff. I'm ADHD and totally need some book that involves rb organizing!!!! Yours sounds pretty good.. organized is more than I can say for my closet.. disaster zone is more like it!!

Jen P (visit their site)

Molly, it's funny that you ask me that question because my friend asked me over the phone and I was like, "I don't know, it's white and the words are colorful." "Can you go get it?" "Um...no because I lost it."

How ironic. Anyhoo, it had just slipped between my headboard and wall since I would fall asleep fondling it at night.

Fortunately I have it here: _Organizing for the Creative Person_ by Lehmkuhl and Lamping

There is another by Lee Silber that I havne't purchased but have visited his site. Good visuals. www.creativelee.com

Hope that helps! Keep me posted!

John and Allie Fields (visit their site)

Now I'm reminded that I really need to clean out my closet and stop wearing maternity clothes. Yeah, we need to get together. Possibly a double dinner date????