New Clothes Phobia?

Over the holidays we went shopping (love those outlet malls) and got these CUTE, matching (of course), blue, fleece camouflaged pullovers for the boys. When we were still in SC I tried to get them to wear them, but the weather was so nice that it was actually too warm. The Elder said, "I don't need a coat! I'm not cold!" So now that we are back in the mountains and the cold temperatures decided to come join us for the winter, I thought that I would try again...

Again, I started with The Younger and he actually screamed and hollered, not because of the pullover but because I tried to get him wear a pull-up with cars on them. Cloth pull-ups are not cheap so I'm sad that he won't wear them. (Aside: I pulled his diaper off this morning and let him roam naked and he used the potty all by himself! I just asked him, "Did you pee pee in the potty?" "Yes," he says nonchalantly. I go look and sure enough, there was pee pee in the potty and no puddles in the surrounding areas! Yahoo!) So I put a diaper on him and then he left the pullover on too. I bring The Elder his pullover, making sure he can tell that it is like his brother's.

"I can't like that. I'm not cold."
"You're not cold now, but you will be when we get outside."
"I'll just wear my blue coat."
"You can wear both."

He actually picked it up, sneaked, and hid it in the closet in the playroom! He hasn't figured out yet, I guess, that you don't hide things from people when they are watching you. Ha! But then again this is the guy who, when playing hide and seek and you ask the rhetorical "where are you?" he yells back "I'm right here" from his hiding place!

So we get all ready to go and I asked him why he didn't want to wear it.
"Because it has a sticker on it."
"No it doesn't."

He had to show it to me and was pointing to the camo pattern. I guess he mistook it for a sticker. So what's up with this fear of stickers on clothes now???

"I really would like for you to wear the same shirt as your brother because Home Depot is a really big place and I can find you really fast with this pattern, like a mama zebra can find the baby zebra."

I'm so full of it. Although all of that has merit, the truth is they look so dang cute when they are dressed alike in cute clothes! Ha! Well, it worked and he wore it very reluctantly. When we got to Home Depot, he totally forgot that he hated the pullover. When we got back into the van later he looks at me and says,

"I can wear this shirt on Tuesday."

So now it's one of his favorites!

The other clothes story is short and sweet...

We took the tags off the last pair of new matching jammy-jams (that's what The Younger calls them) tonight for them to wear but The Younger insisted on wearing the Timberland Footies PJs. So I handed The Elder his new robot PJs and he looked at me and said,

"I can't wear dese. I can wear them on.....on Friday."
"Oh but isn't today Friday?" (I'm quite the liar today)
"It's Friday? Oh! Then I can wear dese!"

And then he puts them on.


As far back as I can remember I have ALWAYS loved getting new clothes. Does anyone else have weird New Clothes experiences with their kids?

5 Responses to "New Clothes Phobia?"

kristen (visit their site)

Nope, sorry. My son is a clothes horse. He doesn't even mind getting new clothes as presents and he is always telling me he needs "to dress good" Ha!

Jen (visit their site)

For a long time Ky would only wear sweatpants. Ryan is doing that a lot now too - but I can usually get him into khakis or jeans as long as I don't do it often. And they are elastic - no snaps/buttons/zippers.

Ky doesn't mind fasteners, but prefers the hook tab type closure that come with dress pants. At least he's well dressed :o)

Marla (visit their site)

Clothes are always a bit stressful here. They are either too tight, looks or itchy or not the right color. It never fails to frustrate me. At least she will try they on now. We don't have the day of the week issue though. That is too funny. :)

Elissa - Managing Autism (visit their site)

Socks are the problem in our house! J has worn nothing but thongs on his feet for the past 8 months (with the exception of open toed sandals for 10 hours per week to kinder - that his kindergarten teacher finally convinced him to wear after showing him the 'policy' on footwear)!

Susan (visit their site)

No kids... but I love these stories! :)