Oops...moving forward...

One of the things I wanted to do this year was publish a post every single day. Well, I missed January 1st....so much for that goal! Ha! That was a result of a gluten hangover from New Year's Eve. We spent time at The Couple Friends' house and totally indulged in breading and pie crusts.

BUT I'm all about Being Great in 2008 and that means, accepting that I'm not perfect, accepting that some things can be perfected and others can be delegated, learning to think like ME and not how others expect me to think, asking for advice and opinions without obligating myself to take or adopt them, and moving forward after a fall!

So on to the next goal, I'm doing something EVERY DAY toward writing my book. Not just thinking or talking about it, but something concrete like research or writing. So far so good. I like that because then I won't get hyper-focused one day and then burn out the next.

I'm also in the process of embracing my right-brain and learning to organize everything tailored to my needs. According to The Book, that means I am allowed to pile and not file! Yahoo! I'm so excited. The most immediate project is my closet. Sounds mundane and non-productive, but it is the source of the most clutter in my bedroom which totally shuts me down because I have to walk through my closet to go to the bathroom AND when I lay down on my bed I can see right into the closet. Not what I need to wake up to! So I sat in my closet and observed and tried to figure out what was my biggest struggle with keeping the closet tidy....1) shoes (though part of that is because the Kiddos like to wear my shoes around the house..???) and 2) not hanging up clothes from the laundry, and 3) lack of proper handling of those items that are in laundry purgatory - been worn, but not ready for the washer yet. Specifically jeans and PJs and lounging clothes that I wear in the middle of the day between my daytime biz suit and my nighttime biz suit.

The solution you might be wondering? I'm adopting a "Drape" philosophy!! I've been researching Trouser Racks and Hooks. I think it will work. Does anyone else have this problem special need? What are some of the things that you've tried? Did it work?

I'm also in the process of changing management systems for my businesses and I'm going to break it down into segments so I don't get overwhelmed. Imagine that! Project management - what a concept! The difference is that it is not linear. I'm using the "mind-mapping" strategy. I did this over the weekend and was totally amazed at how much I got accomplished.

Well, off to get something to eat!

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tulipmom (visit their site)

It sounds like your organization efforts are off to a great start!

I love the term "laundry pergatory" and I have the same problem. If SB is having a particularly difficult morning and I don't get a chance to shower before drop off I might throw on some sweats or whatever. When they've only been on for such a short time, they don't really need washing. Where do they go? In a big heap on top of a suitcase in my closet. Which I can barely walk into these days. So, yes, I'd love to hear how you manage to tackle this problem.

kristen (visit their site)

Lots of the same clothing issues here. Like tulipmom, I have the sweats on for 10 minutes problem and some days it seems like all I do is fold clothes and put them away only to take them out again a few minutes later. Not to mention the actual laundry. So yes, please do tell...

Gwendolyn's Gifts (visit their site)

I can't even walk on my side of the closet because of shoes on the floor (not really sure why I felt compelled to buy two more pairs this week....what's wrong with me!?!? lol).

Susan (visit their site)

Chasen has some trouser racks of sorts. It's a vertical column, if you will, that attaches to the wall. There are about a dozen horizontal "rods" that project out from it and swing around. It is pretty nifty! And much better than hangers, at least in terms of getting to your pants without thumbing through stuff.

Book -- great goal!

Jen P (visit their site)

Susan! I found that online and forwarded it to The Hub saying that it made me drool I was so excited! Glad to hear that it works for Chasen. Now tell me, does he have the "SkyMall" version or the economy version? I was wondering if there was a difference in quality?

Marla (visit their site)

You can do it!!!! That sucks with missing the first day of posting for the year. I thought about trying it but I know I would get way too obsessed and I just could not post every day...a lot of days but not every one. Write that book!!!!!!! :)

Elissa - Managing Autism (visit their site)

I need a copy of 'The Book'!!!

And yes, sounds like you are getting so organised... I'm terribly jealous, but love the concept that piling instead of filing might be okay?!?

Definitely keep up that book researching and writing - you're motivating me!!

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

you need to mind map "drinking water"

Sustenance Scout (visit their site)

Don't even talk to me about laundry, Jen! I'd much rather chat about writing and kids or kids and writing or a serious lack of writing due to the kids being out of school for another few days. But at least we all survived the holidays. As far as resolutions are concerned, we'll all get there! K.