Treo Post

Trying this out to see if I can post from my Treo without using the Mobile Blogger (a pain). I've had my Treo for about a year now and it took me a week to decide to get it. Even among the wave of blackberries and iPhones I must say I have grown fond of my gadget. I have even learned to wrap my right brain around it to make it more visual, thus more and more functional.

Any other Treonauts out there?

3 Responses to "Treo Post"

Marla (visit their site)

Not here. I am an i Phone junkie. I have yet to post from it though. I am glad you are liking your new toy!

Elissa - Managing Autism (visit their site)

I'm not much good with the technical stuff... LOL

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

I can post from my Piece O'junk Sanyo, but I only get like 160 characters (spaces count)... geek.