Rote Memory

Eric really displayed some impressive memory skills today.

Yesterday we were making a card for daddy's birthday around 2pm. (When I say we, of course, that is the "royal we".) Ryan did sit down at the table with me (and was master of the glue stick...), but Eric was into his computer so I would say something like "do you want to help?" "Yes" "Then come glue this onto the paper." He puuuulllllls himself away from the computer, grabs the letter and pats it down on the card, barely taking his eyes off the computer and then quickly resumes his game. This happened a couple of times before I finally gave up on his participation in card making and Ryan and I just finished it up (when I say Ryan and I, I mean just I).

So in an effort to be funny because my assistant was in the other room listening in on all this and laughing at my feeble attempts to engage Eric in the activity, I told Eric (well, just said it aloud in Eric's general direction), "OK, now be sure to tell Daddy about your card first thing in the morning....say about 5:00 am, ok?" We are both laughing and D is telling me how cruel I am (cue evil laugh). Ryan was actually laughing too.

"So Eric, where can we put this where daddy can't find it until tomorrow?"
"How 'bout........over there" (pointing to the drawer to his train table)

So I go to lay it in there and tell him I did that. His response was blank as if to say, why are you talking to me, can't you see I'm on the computer.

Now fast forward to this morning. My head was splitting because we went to bed really late last night getting ready for the camping trip. And Eric was sitting on the bed between us staring into space with a big smile on his face. I whispered into his ear, "Tell Daddy Happy Birthday in his ear" which he did and Terry gave him a hug (the sleepy half hug). So cute scene that makes us go "awwww" and then time to close my eyes again and sleep off this headache. Then I hear Eric say...

"Daddy, I gotta show you something..........its downstairs.....................hold my hand."

I personally had forgotten about the card (wife of the year award), but as soon as he said that, I knew what he was talking about and I was wide awake and making Terry get out of bed too trying to act as if I was clueless. But piping up halfway down the stairs saying "wait, let me get my camera" kinda ruined that intention.

So because I don't know how to reduce the size of avi files yet, I can only put in screen captures of the video. I was simply amazed that, not only did he hear me say that yesterday, but he remembered to do it too!

The funny part was the requirements of Terry that he had to meet in order to receive his card.

"Get on the LoveSac....
"Go to the back of the LoveSac....
"Close your eyes....
"on the ground....
"Close your eyes on the ground.....
"All the way to the floor....
"Make it bigger...

"Do you like this, daddy?"

"Can I open my eyes now?"


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PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

It was TOTALLY awesome!

Bonnie Arnwine (visit their site)

That's great. I loved the pics!