Nothing about Nothing I

I was on my way home from an appointment today when I decided that I would finally try OnStar. I have had the car for a week and a half and today was the first time I pushed the button. Well, my friend and I were talking about accents (not as in home, but as in speaking) today and how to sound professional by suppressing the twang us southerners are known fer (imagine in Mater's voice). Here is how I told her the story...

...But I have the funniest story to tell you about accents since we talked about it. I decided to try the OnStar and that was pretty cool. It unlocked my doors while I was sitting at a red light. It immediately said, "Welcome, Saturn Aura, on Piney Grove Church rd." It was pretty freaky. So I decided to try the phone in the car because the ONStar Welcome said that I have a free trial for 2 months. Well it would not recognize my voice as I tried to dial. I tried over enunciating, doing the opera-golfball in my mouth, saying it fast, saying it slow, all sorts of voices. I got the best results by over exaggerating a southern accent! I was cracking up! I didn't get through until I was already on Lovell Rd and Terry didn't answer his cell phone. By the time I got the home phone number pronounced right, I was sitting in my garage! I should blog on this. Maybe I'll cut and paste. Well my trial is over well before the 2 months...I might try again later for a giggle.

3 Responses to "Nothing about Nothing I"

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

I love the story about the lady here in Knoxville, who is from the Great White North or somewhat thar 'bout and has to over exaggerate a southern accent to be understood at the local drive-thru's.

Does this mean that when we go back to SC, you won't have any trouble calling numbers. After all, once you hit the Horry County line, that accent of yours thickens faster than your Dad's gravy fixin'?

(and the car is a sweet ride)

kristen (visit their site)

I find the key to Onstar is silence--within the car's interior. If I have a window down or the sunroof open or the air conditioner on high, the phone simply refuses to understand a single word I say.

Ah, yes, but perhaps yours is regional?

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog the other day. I always enjoy "meeting" new readers...

Jen P (visit their site)

Nope it was just me with the windows up and no kids. Maybe I had the AC on too high.... I'll try it again. Thanks for visiting!