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Coupled with their love for their L-Maxes, I love that they are sharing their space now. Yes that is one chair!

No words were exchanged between these boys. The Boy with the GameBoy continued to play while The Elder casually looked over his shoulder...for 15 minutes! However, it didn't hold The Younger's attention for much longer past this snapshot.

The McDonald's that we always stop at on the way home from SC. I like to let them run around to break up the 8 hours drive. Plus you can purchase just the grilled chicken patty and get as GFCF as possible for only $2!!
Last trip I had to climb up into this contraption to rescue The Younger. It doesn't matter that I'm only 5 feet, my back was hurting from having to crawl through that. Next time I'll take a picture of the whole thing. Anyhoo, this trip The Younger is a big boy now because he was able to get thru the maze with some encouragement from his brother...I heard them talking at the top of the slide so I grabbed my camera real quick at the bottom of the slide and to my delight this is what I got a picure of!! Brotherly Love and Support. I love it! And who says he can't empathize???

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6 Responses to "Random pix"

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

I had to tell The Elder a couple of times to give That Boy some room. He was enamored with that Nintendo DX, but the That Boy was very patient and just kept playing. I never saw the two of them talk, even as something simple as what the game was or anything like that.

kristenspina (visit their site)

Oh boy, they sure are adorable. The slide picture is a heartwarmer, for sure!!!

Moanna (visit their site)

My first time to your blog, having come here from Karen's award posting. Am impressed that you could crawl up into that green thing! Congrats on your award...

Gwendolyn's Gifts (visit their site)

So sweet!!

Susan (visit their site)

Awwwwww! How sweet!

Jen (visit their site)

Love the pic in the slide! A friend of mine once paid a dollar to a 10 year old to go recheive our Ry from the top where he was bawling (she had the boys with her for the day)... :o)