Now for that list...

I thought I would go ahead and knock out the quotables I need to journal about...

"We are going to Lolo and Lola's house this weekend."
"You mean the big house that is far far away?"
(My parents live in SC which is an 8 hour drive. This was the 3rd time we have driven there since Christmas, including Christmas. Last time he said, "I fink Lola's house is a very long time." So his syntax has improved in just one month!)


Valentine's Day and the case of the crabby patty
Picture speak louder than words so check out the web album. I did finally find the missing crabby was in my PJ's pocket! Hahahahaha...
BTW, just in case Kara reads this, since it takes FOREVER for us to get together, there is a Valentine here waiting for Joshua and Mrs. Lovett. His choice when I asked, "Who else would you like to send a Valentine to?" Isn't that sweet. The other sweet thing is when he was picking out Joshua's Valentine, he choose the one that said "Best Friends." Double sweet!!


While I'm on the same subject...
The Kiddos have rekindled my love for Veggie Tales. I really thought that The Elder would enjoy the music (silly songs) but I never really could get the regular episodes to hold his attention. Well, The Younger fell in LOVE with a Veggie Tales CD-Rom that The 6yo With No Tooth The Cousin formerly known as The 6yo With No Tooth, so when I went to Sam's Club I saw a double feature Silly Songs Set. They both have worn them out. The Elder has his favorite which "I can be your friend." He literally played it over and over again....practically the entire 8 hour drive home, and then again once we were home. He sang it for everyone. Then he looks at me and says,

"Gotta go to Joshua's house and sing this song?"


We celebrated the birthday of The Cousin formerly known as The 8yo with The Bendy Glasses The 9yo with The Bendy Glasses last weekend while we were in SC and truly had a good time. The SIL was very respectful of our gfcf diet and made sure we all had something we could eat. See The Brother's nerdy recap of the event. However, birthday cake is birthday cake and it is really hard to make a tasty gfcf birthday cake so we were building up the stamina for the approaching time that we would have to tell The Elder that he couldn't have cake.

When the announcement was made that the cake was ready, The Elder came up to me very calmly and said, "Do I get cake?"

I was so proud of him for, first, being aware that he does have dietary restrictions, and second, getting permission first before having to go through the ordeal of taking it away from him. I was so happy that I kept trying to think of a way that he could indulge...finally I look at The SIL and say, no cake, just icing.... Now what parent would ever say something like that?? But you know what...he was satisfied and probably had the least amount of calories in his little icing "volcano" than those who ate their whole piece of cake.


"On Valentine's Day I can wear my Thomas shoes....after President's Day I can wear my School shoes."
"What about on President's Day?"
"I saaaaiiiiiidddd AAAAFTER President's Day."
"What shoes will you wear on President's Day?"
"But there's just no school on President's Day."



"Is that your dog?" said the man who helped us move furniture this weekend to The Elder.
"Yes, it's just Skip."
"Can I take him home with me?"
" can just go to the pet store."

In other words, get your own dog! Hardy har har.


"I think I want to move your computer to that corner of the room. Do you think you would like that?" (Always have to research if we will have a meltdown or not)
"Well I have to wait for your daddy to come home because I can't do it by myself."
"You can keep trying!"

I'm so proud of him!!!

-----------------------------------------------------'s all in the presentation...

"I want Peanut Butter Bread."

We use natural peanut butter and tapioca bread, but The Hub and I have a passion for this, and we found it while we were in SC and bought 2 jars of it. Unfortunately The Elder saw it. Not knowing there was a difference in the PBs we use, The AP had accidentally been making their PB bread with the fattening, not-so-good for you PB. And being the Aspergian he is, The Elder REMEMBERED every detail of the label that at a simple glimpse he knew he wanted it.

So The Hub goes to make his snack and pulls out the Natural Peanut Butter that we usually use. The Elder would have been totally fine with it if he hadn't first spied the yummy one.

"I want the peanut butter with the BLUUUUUEEEE lid, not the peanut butter with the Lellow lid."

So being the smarty pants Hub he is, The Hub switched the lids on the peanut butter behind his back and we got NO complaints! Ha!


Be sure to check out The Hub's post today for a good laugh. Sure would make a good wordless wednesday. I also put the web album in the sidebar...

Whew! I think I only have 2 things left from my list!!!

10 Responses to "Now for that list..."

tulipmom (visit their site)

Nice work switching those lids! We have to take advantage of the very brief period of time when we're still smarter than they are, right?

Elissa - Managing Autism (visit their site)

They always remember the details, don't they!?! And it's always when we're trying to hide something!!!
But great work switching!

Remind me to send you a copy of our GFCF chocolate cake recipe... our kids just devour it - and it even passed the test from 25 kids at kindergarten last year when we took it in for Jack's birthday!

Casdok (visit their site)

They dont miss a thing! :)

Kara Lovett (visit their site)

Awe, I love that they can go ages not seeing each other and still love each other. My favorite is that when I ask Joshua to list his friends he always says Eric & Ryan, almost as if they were one person! On valentine's day we made cookies and cupcakes for people and when I asked Joshua who else he wanted to make them for he said, Eric and Ryan. So, we didn't get to do that- but...maybe I'll buy some of that yummy GF brownie mix you brought to his b-day and let him make those.

OK- so we got to get them together!

Marla (visit their site)

The man who helped move the furniture sounds like a straight forward guy. M would have insisted right then and there we head off to the pet store!

Susan (visit their site)

This is quite a list! I love it. And, even from afar, I am dazzled with all of the progress.

Gwendolyn's Gifts (visit their site)

You are on a roll!!! I just love reading all of your experiences, and the quotes always make me smile!

~Miss Nelson (visit their site)

AWESOME! I enjoyed reading this post.

Maddy (visit their site)

I'm finally catching up [I hope!] Nip on over and collect your award [Less than three award] when you have a free nano second.

[That would perhaps be sometime in the next few months if you're anything like me?]

Best wishes

Kevin (visit their site)

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